Peabody Computer Music

The outstanding programs and facilities of the Computer Music Department add another exciting dimension to composition at Peabody. The three-track Master's program in Computer Music was created for students seeking a graduate degree in applied Computer Music, with concentrations in conservatory-level Composition, Performance/Concert Production or Research/Technology. The Master's program prepares students for advanced work in areas of music where multimedia and technology occupy an essential role.

Web Page Design for Musician

Designed for music students with limited computer experience, this course will provide the skill and awareness to use the computer, the World Wide Web and Internet technologies to support your musical career from the classroom to the concert stage.


『知心樂坊』成立於民國80年,以製作優質音樂會為宗旨,每年定期巡迴演出。知心團隊並 成立『知心音樂教室』提供音樂理論、鋼琴、管樂和弦樂等個別指導課程。其單位致力於推廣古典音樂、 製作優質音樂會與培育新的演奏人才。可分為知心室內樂團(製作及演出優質音樂會)、知心音樂教室 (音樂理論、鋼琴、管樂和弦樂等個別指導課程)、知心音樂行政(接受音樂家委託,承辦音樂會相關業務)及 知心單簧管樂團(知心少年重奏團、知心青年單簧管四重奏、知心成人愛樂團)