Story of Music and I

I made up my mind to become the person who persuades those what I love for my whole life.

The beginning of the story was 7 years ago. I didn't have academic music trainning when I was young. However, with great passion, I went to Department of Music in National Sun Yat-sen University. Music has changed my whole life. It touchs my deepest emotions, fills me with energy and gives me the hopes of life.Before starting study music, I was a teenager who confused about life...

Multimedia Works

Composition combines video, images and environment elements.

Watery Scene

Liquid flows thousands of lives. It seems that it will flow forever and ever. Is this the dream land of the living creatures or it is actually a huge cage which imprisons all the lives in it?


We are on a huge trend named "time". It usually goes forward while sometimes you can feel its pause. We are all floating in the trend and looking for direction by using our whole lives.


We seldom notice the sounds in the environment but the sound still can remind us the environment. Through gathering the sounds, I rebuild the scene of the music department which I familiar with.