The Sound of String

For Computer Music - 2017

Performance Note

Inspired by Wuan-chin Li’s “Ban Shan”, “The Sound of String” is telling the deepest thought in our mind, where we might not recognize but feel familiar with it. In other words, we are experiencing our unconscious mind. The materials are all collected from piano, especially on note “E”. When I play the piano key, I feel the sound from it. I’m not only playing the single note but a complex overtone. The beautiful overtone gives people unlimited imagination through the vibrating of string. I took note E and its notes of overtone serials. Through the modulation and resampling, the music becomes thick, slowly moving and lingering. It represents the thoughts in our unconscious which are blurred when the affection is overloading in my mind.

Performance History

June, 2017 - Klingt Gut! @Hamburg(Germany)