Peabody Conservatory

Computer Music Department


EC 350.871 Music Notation Software

Spring, 2016





Instructor: McGregor Boyle


Music Notation Software provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of current software systems for music notation. Intended for the absolute beginner, the course will take the student through the basics, from simple single-line melodies to large orchestral scores. Additional score formats which present special problems such as choral and other vocal scores, chamber music scores piano scores, etc. Parts extraction and transposition will also be covered.


Additional related topics such as modern notation standards, MIDI, MIDI software, creating simulated performances using MIDI, etc. will also be covered. The course will focus primarily on Coda’s popular Finale application, but other current software such as Sibelius will be looked at as well.




There will be regular reading and notation assignments. Notation assignments will be due one week after they are given. Assignments turned in one week late will receive one-half credit, while those turned in two weeks late will receive one-quarter credit. No credit will be given after two weeks. A running list of the class assignments will be posted on the instructor's web page at




Coda Corp.  Finale Manual. Eden Prarie, MN: Coda, 2004.


Read, Gardner.  Music Notation: A Manual of Modern Practice. New York: Taplinger 1979.


Class Times


Music Notation Software will meet Tuesdays from 5:40 to 7:20. The class will meet in room 314 (the Teaching Studio), and in the Computer Lab.



Grades will be determined by the quality of the assignments (75%); and class attendance and participation (25%).