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SONiC Fest: Machine Music: Acoustic & Robotic Instruments


12068945_1082932115053426_2302020644782007111_oPart of SONiC: Sounds of a New Century Festival, Oct. 15-23,



MOLLY HERRON and Andy Cavatorta (instrument maker): Stellar Atmospheres – vocal quartet, viol consort and “The Dervishes” (World Premiere)

FJÓLA EVANS and Merche Blasco (instrument maker): Whirlpool – three singers and four theremins

RUBY FULTON: Cycle Loops – piano, electronics, bike
with Julia Sheriff (piano) and Robby Neubauer (electronics)

ALBERT BEHAR (composer & instrument maker): Sound Orb – tactile speaker system (World Premiere)

LEVY LORENZO (composer & instrument maker): Inside Voice – iLophone and four singers


Intermedia Fest

Intermedia Fest

4:00pm Mattin Center for the Arts

Johns Hopkins UniversityNew Media at the Intersection of Art, Music, Science and Technology

Presented by the Maryland Institute Collete of Art; JHU Digital Media Center; JHU Film and Media Studies Program; and the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Department of Computer Music. Events are all free and open to the public.The Intermedia Fest showcases collaborative project at the intersection of art, music, science, and technology by students of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Johns Hopkins University and the Peabody Conservatory of Music. The works explore a range of interactive, interdisciplinary and other uncategorizable forms that include installation, live performance, and electronic theater.Works:

  • Requiem for an Obsolete Computer (installation, 160 Offit). Chris Bassett, Nat Duca, Jason Lovelace, and Tom Symonds.
  • Conversations on the Nature of Life (performance, Swirnow Theatre). Jeremy Baguyos, Leo Dubrovsky, Levon Lewis, and Robert Hamilton
  • SUM: Subconscious Universal Melody (installation, 162 Offit). Wonsook Baik, Zachary Crockett, Charnan Lewis, and Charlie Stewart.
  • Visages (installation, Swirnow Theatre). Chuck Crow, David Hellman, Joerg Maier, Chryssie Nanou, and Axl Einar Wolff.

The Intermedia Fest is the culmination of Intermedia Studio, a joint course taught by Randall Packer (MICA), Joan Freedman (JHU), and McGregor Boyle (Peabody).

The Intermedia Fest takes place at the Mattin Center for the Arts, 3400 N. Charles St., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (410.516.3817), as part of a visual arts festival by JHU students.