The Sidney M. Friedberg Lecture in Music and Psychology


The Sidney M. Friedberg Lecture Series brings distinguished musicians and psychologists to Peabody Conservatory and Johns Hopkins University. The lecture, an annual event, is part of a program undertaken jointly by the Computer Music Department of the Peabody Conservatory and the Psychology Department of the Johns Hopkins University School of Arts and Sciences. The program focuses on education relating to musical composition and performance, psychoacoustics, and music perception and cognition.

Friedberg lecturers come to Baltimore to address an audience drawn primarily from the Peabody and Hopkins community, but the general public is encouraged to attend. Friedberg lecturers are also invited to spend time in residence to participate in symposia and educational activities apart from the lecture itself.

The Lectures in Music and Psychology are underwritten by a generous gift of the Sidney M. Friedberg Charitable Trust.

Past Lectures

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