Prix d’Eté

The Prix d’Été competition, established by Walter Summer in 1994, encourages Peabody graduate and undergraduate composition students to create chamber music that explores new instrumental, vocal, computer and multi-media horizons.

Parameters for Upcoming Competitions

Prix d’Été XX (2015-2016)

Focus is on chamber music compositions for ensembles of up to 10 players. Compositions are to include significant use of computer technology.

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2016.

Prix d’Été XXI (2016-2017)

Focus is on chamber music compositions for ensembles of up to 10 players, technology optional.

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2017.

Past Winners

Prix d'Été XIX (2014-2015)
First place: Michael Rickelton, et tenebrae factae sunt in terra
Second place: Justin Porter, Catapult
Third place: Nick Dulworth, Recede 
Prix d'Été XVIII (2013-2014)
First Prize: Yiyi Cui, Beijing Impression
Second Prize: Edwin Kenzo Huet, Prism
Third Prize: Sean Kaesler, Timeless Frame
Prix d'Été XVII (2012-2013)
First Prize: Natalie Draper, Suite pour le poete maudit
Second Prize: Joshua Pangilinan, Dumagat Fantasy
Third Prize: Kyle Peter Rotolo, String Quartet No. 1 “Macchiato” 
Prix d'Été XVI (2011-2012)
First Prize: Patrick McMinn, To Build Another World
Second Prize: Alican çamci, A Time Added but not integrated
Third Prize: Yiyi Cui, Tangle
Prix d'Été XV (2010-2011)
First Prize: Emily Koh
Second Prize: Viet Cuong
Third Prize: Patrick McMinn 
Prix d'Été XIV (2009-2010)
First Prize: Griffin Cohen
2nd Prize: Bei Zhang
3rd Prize: Vladimir Smirnov
Prix d'Été XIII (2008-2009)
First Prize: Matt Diamond, Piano Shaped Object
Second Prize: Jenny Beck, Meditation on Torment and Triumph
Third Prize: No prize awarded 
Prix d'Été XII (2007-2008)
First Prize: John Crouch, Her Light, Extinguished
Second Prize: Lonnie Hevia, Nefarious
Third Prize: No prize awarded 
Prix d'Été XI (2006-2007)
First Prize: Andrew Cole, I Sing Body Electric VII
Second Prize: Baris Perker, Fantasy for Bassoon and MAX
Third Prize: No prize awarded 
Prix d'Été X (2005-2006)
First Prize: Judah Adashi, Songs and Dances of Macando
Second Prize: Russel Nadel, Five Scenes for Ten Players
Third Prize: Samuel Burt, Dime Novel 
Prix d'Été IX (2004-2005)
First Prize: Robert Hamilton, Piano Interactions No. 1
Second Prize: Asha Srinivasan, Alone Dancing
Third Prize: Paul Nelson, Reflections 
Prix d'Été VIII (2003-2004)
First Prize: Angel Lam, Imagery of Water
Second Prize: Russell Nadel, Dodici
Third Prize: Trent Hollinger, Vitis Vinifera 
Prix d'Été VII (2002-2003)
First Prize: Jason Allen, Requiem for SATB chorus and computer
Second Prize: Taehi Kim, Flying for flute and computer
Third Prize: Mark Lackey, Homage to the Composer: Pierre Schaeffer 
Prix d'Été VI (2001-2002)
First Prize: Kang Gyu-Lee, Ghost for piano quintet
Second Prize: Ja-Yai Kim, Fusion for woodwinds, strings and piano
Third Prize: Hyun Kyung Kim, Sonnet for soprano, guitar and computer 
Prix d'Été V (2000-2001)
First Prize: No prize awarded
Second Prize: Joseph Sarlo, The Rosy Ringers, for MIDI violin and computer
Third Prize: No prize awarded
Prix d'Été IV (1999-2000)
First Prize: Sean McLowrey, Parting The Waters for solo double bass
Second Prize: Matthew Burtner, Portals of Distortion for nine tenor saxophones
Third Prize: Randall Bauer, dark current 
Prix d'Été III (1998-1999)
First Prize: Ye Sung Lee, Der Wanderer for MIDI piano and Moving Images
Second Prize: Steven Hilmy, US for tenor saxophone and electronics
Third Prize: Matthew Burtner, Incantation S4-X for amplified saxophone quartet and computer-generated tape 
Prix d'Été II (1997-1998)
First Prize: Seunghyun Yun, The Halo for guitar and live electronics
Second Prize: Scott Smallwood, Nawglan (Dust of 9) for solo marimba and electronics
Third Prize: Cheonwook Kim, Microstructure for piano, MIDI keyboard, computer generated sound and interactive electronics 
Prix d'Été I (1996-1997)
First Prize: C. Matthew Burtner, Taruyamaarutet – Twisted faces (in wood) for soprano, marimba, bass clarinet & computer
Second Prize: Kenneth Kinard, Quartet for the Sake of Time for violin with Zeta pickup, Yamaha WX-7 wind controller, French Horn with IVL Pitch Rider and the Kurzweil PC88
Third Prize: Scott Smallwood, Mysterious Barricades for solo percussion & tape

For More Information

For further information, please contact Dr. McGregor Boyle, Peabody Conservatory Computer Music Department, at (410) 659-8100 ext.4440 or

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