Studio Alpha


Studio Alpha is used as the primary classroom for the department as well as a production facility for students and faculty.  Featuring two vintage Moog analog synthesizers (maintained for historical and pedagogical purposes)​, this room offer a variety of analog synthesis opportunities.  The room also features an Intel Mac Pro with a Quad-Core Xeon processor which runs a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial software for MIDI applications, software synthesis, sample editing, music notation, and more.  The Soundcraft LX7II mixer and RME Fireface 800 audio interface allow for quadraphonic audio playback as well as a variety of sound production opportunities.


Studio Alpha is equipped with the following:
  • Soundcraft LX7 II Mixer
  • Intel Mac Pro with a Quad-Core Xeon processor
  • Two vintage Moog Synthesizers
  • Fireface 800 Audio Interface
  • Roland HP 237R Piano
  • Yamaha DX7II synthesizer
  • Kurzweil 2000R Synthesizer
  • Roland Octapad
  • Motu 128 Midi Interface
  • Tascam reel to reel Tape Recorder

For detailed documentation on Studio Alpha (including access to hardware and software manuals), please click here.

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