Prospective Students

The Computer Music degree track is intended for students that show both strong musical skills and a strong aptitude for technology.

The Peabody Computer Music department offers both Masters of Music and Bachelors of Music degrees in Computer Music. Doctor of Musical Arts degrees may be pursued as a concentration in conjunction with another department.

Undergraduate Degree

The BM degree offers two specialized tracks: Computer Music Performance/Concert Production and Computer Music Composition.

With undergraduate applicants, the first attribute The Computer Music Department looks for is native musical ability. This may be demonstrated through performing or a portfolio of some of the applicants’ previously written compositions–in any style. The second step is to present their work to a faculty panel. Applicants will also take some placement tests in music theory, sight singing and computer music. These tests do not influence acceptance, but would help to place the student in the proper classes, if he or she does attend.

Applicants may wish to apply to two departments, if they so desire.

Masters Degree

The MM degree offers three specialized tracks: Computer Music Performance/Concert Production, Computer Music Composition, and Computer Music Research.

Doctor of Musical Arts

The DMA degree is offered in either Performance or Composition. The procedure for this degree is slightly different then the rest. Applicants interested in the DMA program must simultaneously to apply to their applicable DMA program and the Computer Music Department. Contact your applicable program for more details. Please note that the Peabody Institute does not confer the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

For information on applying to the Peabody Conservatory, please visit the Admissions office.

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