Digital Music Performance

Home to the department’s Yamaha Disklavier MIDI piano, the Digital Music Performance studio is a rehearsal and teaching space, specially equipped for working with live performers in conjunction with computer music. The Digital Music Performance studio has a variety of instruments for use in production or rehearsal such as an EWE wind controller, a MalletKat percussion controller, a Yamaha Digital Saxophone, a Zeta MIDI Violin and an Axon MIDI guitar. As in all of our production studios, a series of racks also contains outboard processing and synthesizer modules. The Digital Music Performance studio is equipped with a hardwood floor to mimic the feel of a concert hall and to facilitate rehearsals and concerts. The studio is completely “bring-your-own-device” enabled, allowing users to choose between using their own laptop or a studio Mac Mini provided for their conveneince to interface with both the digital audio converters and the MIDI patchbay in the room. The room is also equipped with a quality 8.1 channel sound system for mixing and production purposes.

For more information on the Digital Music Performance Studio including documentation, please click here.

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