New Year’s Eve Concert

New Year’s Eve Concert

11:59pm Times Square

New York City

On New Year’s Eve, Times Square 2000, the celebration at New York’s Times Square, featured a Virtual Orchestra from Peabody performing “Ascent of time”New York’s Times Square welcomed the New Year with the world premiere of “Ascent of Time,” by Peabody composer Charles Byungkyu Kim, performed by Lightning Virtuoso Forrest Tobey, with a Virtual Orchestra developed at Peabody. Both Kim and Tobey are Artists-In-Residence at the Computer Music Department.

ts1Forrest Tobey
Photo by Craig Terkowitz
Courtesy Johns Hopkins Magazine
ts3The Times Square production team
Back row, from the left: Geoffrey Wright, Forrest Tobey, David Wetzel, Charles Kim. Front row: Jer Welter, Gustavo de Andrade, Larry Schugam and Sumi Yun.
Photo courtesy The Gazette
ts2From left to right:
Charles Kim, Forrest Tobey, David Wetzel
Photo by Craig Terkowitz CourtesyJohns Hopkins Magazine
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